Children and Real Estate – 5 Tips for Sellers
Friday, May 22nd 2015 11:10 am

This list of tips and tricks can help sellers with little ones "Keep Calm and Be Awesome" throughout the selling process.

5 Tips for Sellers with Children

1. Get ready to Paint

If your child has brightly painted rainbows on their walls in their bedroom, you may want consider re-painting them using a neutral color. Neutral colors in the bedroom will appeal to all buyers, whether they have children or not. Taking the initiative to do this ahead of time can help you avoid costly re-painting estimates during contract negotiations. If your child is old enough, you may want them to help, getting them involved can make having to give up their bedroom a little easier when the time comes to move.

Double check for any stickers or posters on the wall that you may not want included in the listing photos. Children can be sneaky! As soon as you paint the walls "dull neutral" a child will want nothing more than to spruce that up a bit with some sparkly stickers.

2. Add some extra storage bins

Pick up some colorful baskets and tubs for toys, shoes and other child-like things that always end up on the floor. Place a storage container in a convenient place where you can pick up quickly before a showing. If your child is old enough ask them to lend a hand, this is another way of getting them involved with the future move.

3. Clean the Fridge

You would be amazed by how many buyers will check out your refrigerator by taking a peek inside. We all know that little ones have little sticky fingers and in some cases a dirty, sticky refrigerator can mean a dirty, poorly maintained house in the minds of some potential home buyers, but a clean fridge can give a more favorable impression. Remember to remove the magnets, art and stickers from the outside of the refrigerator, this gives a less cluttered look.

4. Keep an Empty Trunk

There will be times when you have a showing at a moments notice! Keep an empty trunk in the living room to throw any mess or cutter in it when you only have a minute to get ready.

5. Get the Children excited

Moving can be hard for children. They are leaving their comfort zone and heading into the unknown and in some cases leaving their friends behind. Get them excited! Give them a tour of the new neighborhood. Take them to the park in the neighborhood, Show them were the ice cream store, movie theater and new school are. Get them involved in the move. Remember, they can be just as stressed as you are. So, "Keep Calm and Be Awesome"